What Causes Pain During Sex?

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There are a number of potential causes of pain during sex. Some of these causes are infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Trauma, as well as certain cancers, can also cause pain during sex. In addition, there are sexual pain disorders such as vulvodynia, that are less well understood. If you experience pain during sex, it is therefore important to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Pain during sex may be the sign of a serious health problem, Even if it isn't, dealing with your pain can greatly improve your quality of life.

Did You Know: Pain during intercourse is also known as dyspareunia.

Sexually Transmitted Infections That May Cause Sexual Pain

A number of different sexually transmitted diseases can potentially lead to pain during sex. STDs associated with pain during intercourse include:

These STDs cause sexual pain for different reasons. Some cause local swelling, irritation, or discharge. Others cause blisters or sores that are either inherently painful or can easily become infected and lead to pain.

Other Causes of Sexual Pain in Women

Most sexual pain in women is categorized as either pain on entry or deep pain. Some women also experience pain from superficial genital contact. These types of pain can be caused by a variety of medical conditions other than STDs, including:

There are also a number of non-medical factors that can cause pain during sex. These include insufficient lubrication, stress, and even a history of sexual abuse. Many such difficulties can be treated, or relieved, with a combination of appropriate techniques, therapies, and patience.

Other Causes of Sexual Pain in Men

For men, sexual pain tends to be categorized as either painful erections or pain during ejaculation. Other types of pain, such as surface irritation, can also cause pain during sex. However,  skin infections and related pain may not always be considered in a sexual light.

Conditions other than STDs that can cause sexual pain in men include:

Getting Help for Pain During Intercourse

If you are experiencing pain during sex, it's a good idea to visit a doctor for help. However, it's important to know that sexual pain is sometimes hard to diagnose. This is particularly true for sexual pain caused by something other than infection. It may take time to figure out what is causing your pain. You may need to visit one or more specialists. Types of specialists that are sometimes called upon to deal with sexual pain include psychologists, urologists, gynecologists, and even dermatologists. Your primary care physician may or may not be involved in your diagnosis and treatment as well.

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