Climate Line Heated Tubing for CPAP Machines

For people who use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bilevel to treat their obstructive sleep apnea, the temperature and humidity of the air can be very important. How can you make these as comfortable as possible? What is climate line heated tubing and how might it be useful for CPAP machine treatment of sleep apnea? You may have heard of climate line tubing as a new comfort feature, but what is it? Is it available with your machine? Discover the answers.

Heated tubing for a CPAP machine
Brandon Peters, M.D.

Climate Line or Heated Tubing

ClimateLine is a trademarked heated tube that is available through ResMed, one of the major manufacturers of positive airway pressure machines. It is included in the latest S9 unit and is meant to improve the experience of using CPAP. The ClimateLine is part of the climate control system that includes the heated humidifier. It includes a sensitive heating circuit that is automatically controlled and can adjust the temperature of the air delivered to the mask. The sensor is located near the CPAP mask to ensure that the air does not become cooled when it reaches your face.

ResMed is not the only company with such a product, however. Similar climate-controlled tubing is available through the other major manufacturers of CPAP and bilevel equipment. Fisher Paykel initially developed the technology and has an option called a ThermoSmart Tube. Philips Respironics has one called the System One Heated Tube.

How Heated Tubing Helps

When used in combination with a heated humidifier, heated tubing can improve the temperature and humidity of the pressurized air delivered by CPAP. A dry nose or mouth can occur if the air is not humidified. Many machines have a heated humidifier, yet not all have heated CPAP tubing. When the tubing is cool, the warm and moist air may condense in the tubing. Not only will you not get the benefit of the moisture, but it can collect and drip into your face or gurgle with the airflow. This is sometimes called "rainout." It is often worse when the bedroom environment is cool or cold compared to the temperature of the pressurized air.


There are other ways to keep the tubing warm, including running the hoses under your covers or wrapping the tubing with fabric. Manufacturers have simply addressed this issue by designing improved CPAP tubing that can keep the air warm all the way to your face mask. There is also an option called Hybernite tubing that allows heated tubing to be used with any device, even older models.

If you are interested in learning more about climate-controlled tubing options for your CPAP machine, you can start by speaking with your durable medical equipment provider where you obtained your machine. They should be able to discuss the options available to you. As these are medical equipment, an upgrade may require a new prescription from your sleep physician.

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By Brandon Peters, MD
Brandon Peters, MD, is a board-certified neurologist and sleep medicine specialist.