4 Things to Do When You Have a Bad Back

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Although bed rest as a treatment for a bad back is no longer as popular as it was in years past, there are still situations in which you may find yourself doing mandatory downtime. You might find that this is harder on you mentally than physically, especially if you're the type that always needs to be doing something.

If you are a doer and your spine pain keeps you in bed (or on the couch) most or all of the time, you may be wondering how to meaningfully fill your time. Here are some ideas for passing the time when, because of your back, being in the swing of things is just not possible.

Writing and Journaling

Whether you write for self-expression (ie. journaling and writing as an art form) or you do it for functional reasons (business and personal correspondence, for example) being confined to bed is a great time to do work on this aspect of your life.

Get Caught Up on Your Reading

Lying immobilized while you wait for a back treatment may provide you with the perfect opportunity to finish all those books and articles on the back burner.

With the right accessories, e-readers may be instrumental in helping you manage the potential muscle strain that often comes with holding, handling, and carrying reading materials.

Organize Your Photos and Do Some Scrapbooking

You might love the idea of scrapbooking and making personal art but just feel too busy to give this activity priority.

If you don't want to scrapbook (physically or digitally), you can organize your digital photos on your laptop or upload and organize photos to online sharing sites such as Flickr.

Plan Your Home Decor

Staring at the walls and ceiling doesn’t have to be boring. As you lie there, you might get to thinking about what colors or plants or furniture pieces could spruce up your environment. Just don’t forget to create a budget for the project when you’re done dreaming.

Other things you could try while healing your back include knitting or another crafting, learning new video games, bonding with your pet, and finding new music on iTunes.

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