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Wheat Belly Total Health by William Davis, M.D. provides a comprehensive overview of a grain-free lifestyle. The book presents Dr. Davis' argument for the overall health benefits of eliminating grains. The book covers the science behind the effect of grains on the body, discusses the politics behind the wheat industry, offers practical suggestions for eating without grains, and addresses specific health recommendations for some of today's more common chronic health problems.

The health problems that Dr. Davis believes are related to grain consumption include:

About the Author

William Davis, M.D.is a cardiologist who is known for his advocacy of wheat-free and grain-free diets. Following the success of his first book, Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis has authored two wheat-free cookbooks and has been featured on national television spreading his message about wheat, grains, and health. He also maintains the website Wheat Belly Blog.

Strong Points

  • The book is quite comprehensive, covering the topic of grains and health from multiple angles.
  • Dr. Davis' writing style is fun and engaging.
  • Scientific research and knowledge are presented in a way that is easy to understand, even for those without a science background.
  • He provides practical strategies for getting through the initial grain withdrawal process.
  • He also provides practical strategies for staying grain-free.
  • The book includes case examples of dramatic health changes experienced by real people who have changed their diets.
  • He provides information for addressing many common health disorders through the use of supplements. 
  • He includes a discussion on things you can do to enhance healthy gut bacteria, with the inclusion of recipes for fermented foods

Is This Book for You?

If you have a chronic health condition and have not yet found adequate relief from modern medicine, Dr. Davis' book might be of appeal. Hearing his perspective on the contribution of grain consumption to today's systemic and hard-to-treat health problems might resonate with you. 

Throughout the book, Dr. Davis speaks extensively about grains and IBS. Here is an example, "IBS is so common in people who consume...grains that it should make us...ask whether humans with IBS are "abnormal" or are just normal people consuming something they shouldn't be consuming."

No review of Dr. Davis work can be provided without addressing the fact that his work frequently gets challenged by other science writers. Criticisms generally involve a questioning of his interpretation of scientific data or that he overlooks other important studies.

If the idea of a grain-free diet is of appeal to you, please speak with your doctor before making such a dietary change. Your doctor can best assess if there are any particular risks for you in making such a change. In addition, you should be tested for celiac disease before going grain-free as such testing is only accurate if you are eating wheat or other gluten products at the time of testing. It is extremely important to know if you have celiac disease as it can put you at risk for serious health complications if not managed effectively.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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