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White Blood Cell Disorders

Your white blood cells may be affected by disorders such as pancytopenia, neutropenia, and eosinophilia. Understanding your symptoms and diagnosis can help you navigate between choices for treatment.
Lab professional analyzes peripheral blood smear for immature neutrophils and any abnormal cells
What Are Band Neutrophils?
Person with hair loss from chemotherapy. Leukopenia may be seen in chemotherapy for cancer
Recognizing Conditions Associated With Leukopenia
A woman is checked for fever at a clinic
Understanding the Symptoms of Leukocytosis
Cancer patient discusses low white blood cell count with doctor
What to Expect When You Have a Low White Blood Cell Count
A fever and feeling run down are symptoms associated with high white blood cells
High White Blood Cell Count
Eosinophilia can be part of an allergic reaction
What to Know If You Have Eosinophilia
Two people taking neutropenic precautions with masks and hand sanitizer
What Are Neutropenic Precautions?
Degenerate neutrophils are identified with a blood test
What to Know About Degenerate Neutrophils
Monocytes are a type of immune cell
What to Know About High Monocyte Levels
All white blood cells are leukocytes
What to Know About Leukopenia and Neutropenia
A monocyte on a blood smear
What to Know About Monocytopenia
Blood smear from chronic myeloid leukemia shows granulocytosis and immature blasts
What to Know About Granulocytosis
Illustration of subcutaneous injection
Nucala (Mepolizumab) Subcutaneous: Uses, Side Effects
Gloved hand holding a blood draw tube with the label "eosinophils count (EC) test".
Eosinophil Count: Why It’s Done and What It Means
Person being treated with chemotherapy in hospital bed talking to doctor
What Is Neutropenic Fever?
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What Is Congenital Neutropenia?
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Benign Ethnic Neutropenia: Overview and More
An ill woman checking her temperature in bed
What Are the Symptoms of Leukopenia?
Lab technician with blood samples and medical chart
What Is Agranulocytosis?
I'm sick again!
What Should I Know About Antibody Deficiency Disorders?
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What Is Leukopenia?
Nurse taking blood from patient in hospital
Understanding MGUS
Preparing a blood smear for evaluation
What the Results of Your Blood Smear Might Mean
3D rendered Illustration of anatomically correct Monocyte immune system defense cells
How Monocytes Function in the Body
A white blood cell.
What Should You Know About White Blood Cells and Immunity?
Illustration of B-cells
How B-Cells Protect Your Body From Infection
A doctor placing a blood sample down
An Overview of Eosinophilia
What Are Polymorphonulear Leukocytes (PMNs)?
Chemotherapy: drug injected into catheter in hand
Absolute Neutrophil Count, or ANC, Explained
Doctor holding baby
Causes of Low White Blood Cell Count in Babies
Woman scratching arm
Understanding a Diagnosis of Mastocytosis
Scientist reviewing bone marrow slides
How Severe Congenital Neutropenia Increases the Risk of Infections
Neutrophil Cell
Cyclic Neutropenia Can Lead to Severely Low Blood Counts
White blood cell, illustration
Overview of White Blood Cell Disorders: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment