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I have reviewed and written about several medical apps that are relevant to cold and the flu but I have never found one quite as useful as the one developed by Verywell.com's own Allergies Expert, Dr. Daniel More and his colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Nugent. Both are board certified allergists. Called MedItRight, it's a simple (and free!) app that can help you determine appropriate cold and allergy medications for the symptoms you are experiencing.

During cold and flu season (or year round really - because we can get sick any time), having an app on your phone or tablet that can quickly and easily help you pick out the right medication for your symptoms is essential. Way too many people take multi-symptom medications that treat symptoms they don't have or end up taking too much of a particular drug because they don't realize it is in more than more of their medications. This is especially true when it comes to Tylenol (acetaminophen). Although it is generally considered safe for children as young as two months old, it can be toxic to the liver when too much is ingested. In fact, Tylenol overdose is a leading cause of overdose poisonings worldwide. Because it is in so many multi-symptom medications, it is actually quite easy to take too much. It is so important to pay attention to the ingredients in the medications you are taking.

The choices in the cold and flu aisle can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from and deciding which one is right for you and your symptoms is not an easy task.

About the App

The MedItRight app aims to make choosing the right medication simpler. In just a few steps, you can see a list of medications that may help relieve your cold or allergy symptoms.

  1. After agreeing to the disclaimer that this is not intended as medical advice, you enter your age range
  2. Symptoms you are experiencing,
  3. Type of formula you prefer (tablet, syrup, chewable, etc),
  4. Which side effects you may need or want to avoid (if applicable) 
  5. You are provided with a list of medication options. The list even allows you to see a picture of the box so that you can more easily identify it in the store.

It's important to know - this app is intended to provide clarity about which medications may work for your cold or allergy symptoms. If you enter a combination of symptoms which do not fit within the common signs of a cold or allergies, you will be given a notification that you may need to seek further medical advice.

As of this writing, the MedItRight App is only available for iOS devices in the App Store. You can read more about the app and choosing appropriate cold and allergy medications from Dr. More on Verywell.com's Allergies site.

We have several resources here on the Cold and Flu site to help you choose the right medication as well.

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