Women Talk About Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding or excessive bleeding (Menorrhagia) is menstrual bleeding that that occurs at regular intervals, but lasts for excessively long periods of time. Heavy menstrual bleeding occurs generally when you soak through enough sanitary protection products to require changing more than every hour or two, or when you have a period which lasts over seven days. Other symptoms of menorrhagia include spotting or bleeding between periods or during pregnancy. Menorrhagia is the most common type of abnormal uterine bleeding.

If you previously have, or currently suffer from abnormal uterine bleeding, you are not alone! 

Is Hysterectomy Her Only Option?

"I am 33 yrs old and I just went in for a laparoscopy where my doctor found a huge fibroid tumor on my uterus. She closed me back up without removing it because she was afraid that their would be excessive bleeding and she would then have to give me a hysterectomy. I go to see her today. What questions should I be asking her? My symptoms are extremely painful intercourse and abnormal bleeding, severe lower back pain and I look pregnant. Does anyone have some advice for me?" What would you do?

Thick Uterine Lining

"I am severely anemic. My family Dr. sent me to a hematologist this past week, because she couldn't bring my iron level up. He suspects fibroids because my periods are so heavy. I had 2 ultrasounds done a couple of days ago, the tech wouldn't give me any info except to say the lining of my uterus is thick..anyone have any advice? I am a nervous wreck...HELP!" Has this ever happened to you?

Sports Induced Heavy Bleeding?

"My teenaged daughter has experienced abnormal periods in the last 2-3 mos. Though she has had regular periods for two years, now her periods have been slight but have lasted three weeks at a time. Today, after three weeks of irregular bleeding, she had an unexpected big discharge at school, that soaked through her feminine protection and clothes. She is not sexually active. She has started track, and soccer practices in the last three months, and has trained hard in addition to an already busy schedule. Other than being occasionally tired out, she has otherwise been well and happy. Could the increase in physical activity have an affect on her menstrual periods?" Does excessive physical activity affect menstruation?

Abnormal Bleeding Following Tubal Ligation

"I am interested in talking with others who have or are experiencing post-tubal complications. Namely very heavy and irregular periods. Mine started directly after my tubal, which was performed the day after the birth of my daughter. I have talked to a few women in my town who have had similar experiences and am curious to find out how common this is. Also any treatments that have relieved symptoms. " Have you experienced complications after tubal ligation?

Bleeding On The Pill

"I have experienced bleeding everyday for the last 2 weeks. I am on birth control and am taking it the same time everyday. I have some minor cramping, fatigue, nausea. I thought I may be pregnant so I took a test last week and it was neg. I took another this week and it too is neg. my husband and I are concerned." Have you experienced these symptoms on the pill?

Bleeding After Hysterectomy

"4 months ago I had my baby via c-section due to a placenta previa. During the surgery we had some complications and my uterus had to be removed however, my cervix and ovaries were left in place. Now common sense tells me no uterus, no periods... However every 4 weeks I still have some spotting for 4-5 days. Has anyone else experienced this or would anyone know why this happens?" Has this happened to you?

Bleeding On Hormones

"I am 45 and recently started on hormones (Prempro) and Premarin. I am experiencing irregular breakthrough spotting which consists of what looks like old and very dark, clotty blood - sounds horrible I know! Is this normal? My doctor mentioned that I might experience some of this type thing for a few months while I am leveling out, but this has been an every day thing now. Clears for a day or two, then comes back." Have you experienced bleeding on HRT?

Sit Up and Bleed!

"Has this ever happened to you? For several years while I was pre-menopausal, it seemed that doing sit-ups would bring on menstrual bleeding. Although I am now post-menopausal, I have been taking hormones and having occasional bleeding. I did some modified sit-ups yesterday, and today I have bleeding and cramps. I have regular gynecological check-ups, and no abnormalities have been found. Any suggestions?" Has this ever happened to you?

Birth Control Pills For Menorrhagia

"I was recently diagnosed with menorrhagia and my doctor put me on Orthocyclen to help regulate things. I was wondering if anyone else has been put on the pill to help menstrual disorders and how long it took before you saw any results. " Has your doctor prescribed the pill for abnormal bleeding?​

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