Women Talk About Fibroid Tumors

23 and Scared!

I found out 2 weeks ago that I have 3 Uterine Fibroid Tumors inside my uterus. Two are small,the big one measures 6 cm and my uterus measures 7 cm. They are concerned because the big one grew fast, which could mean cancer. Is it possible for a Fibroid to grow that big in just a few months? I am going to have my uterus taken out in about 1-2 weeks.

Living with Fibroids

I'm 35 and just found out that I have a fibroid tumor it is 3.5 centimeters in size... I am in desperate need of help if not medically, then emotionally... it's really painful to have a relationship with my husband... If there is anyone out there that has gone or is going through this please let me know how you deal with this on a day to day basis? 

Lupron & Pregnancy

I took Lupron for 1 month for fibroids. I bleed the whole time while on it. It never stopped my period... decided to give up dairy, beef ( minimal animal fat) caffeine and tried to sick to a low fat diet with whole grains and had fibroid shrinkage. ...I also would like to know if anyone has had a false pregnancy test while on Lupron? The test say no but my symptoms say yes so I'm wondering could it be Lupron in my system causing the negative result. 

Hysterectomy Recommended

I am 46 years old, I have been told I have a fibroid tumor, the size of a fifteen week fetus. My gynecologist has recommended a hysterectomy, because of the size of the fibroid tumor. I haven't experienced any noticeable symptoms caused by the tumor. My periods are normal, I have no abnormal bleeding. I have been told that because of the size of the tumor, that abdominal hysterectomy is my only option. My question is, are there any alternatives? 

Pregnancy Possibilities

I have uterine fibroids. The first time, they...were relatively easily removed... they recurred. This time they are in the uterine wall... I've been mostly symptom free for months... I don't have the bleeding problems I was having. I do have bloating pretty regularly... My question is this: I am trying to get pregnant. My doctor said I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy, I'd have a slightly greater risk of miscarriage. I'd like to hear from other women who have been thru this and get an idea what to expect.

Fibroids or Colon?

I went to the doctor today because of a large mass... It starts at my pubic bone and goes all the way up to my navel. It does not hurt at all, but for the 2 weeks before my period my back aches and I get constipated, and my periods are very heavy. Now, the doctor mentioned 2 things, fibroids and colon. Of course I'm praying for the fibroids. I figure if it was the colon, with the size of this thing I would be very sick. And besides the backache I feel fine... If anyone has any experience here, please let me know something, I'm very nervous. 

Calcified Fibroid on Bladder

I have a calcified fibroid tumor in my bladder. I had x-rays taken when I went in to complain about leg pain, the x-ray tech said there was something on my bladder, doctor did not mention it. I went to the chiropractor and he took x-rays and had a radiologist read it and said it was a calcified fibroid tumor... The chiropractor tried to call him and discuss it but wouldn't return call... any ideas, has anyone else had a calcified fibroid tumor? 

Pain & Anxiety

I have a fibroid measuring 2.5. I feel such abdominal pain... I get anxiety... pains that trickle up or down my inner thighs... feels a little muscular in nature, like a Charlie horse. My biggest fear is never feeling well... I have developed constipation... My Dr. does not want to do anything unless this thing grows to 5. Meanwhile I am continuously down and out... Any suggestions, recommendations? Similar symptoms? I would appreciate all input. Do you ever feel this way?

Natural Progesterone

I heard that using natural progesterone cream will make the fibroids vanish. Is this real or magic?

Looking Pregnant

Can having fibroid tumors make you look like you're four months pregnant? Do fibroids make you look pregnant?

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